HP Program


Shoulder Prehab 3
Shoulder Prehab 2
Shoulder Prehab 1
Warm Down 2
Warm Down 1
Warm Up 2
Warm Up 1
Zig Zag Run
Side Shuffle w/ Varied Speed
Fast Skip and Power Skip
2 Drop Squats Into Accelerated Run
Split Stance 4-Way Scap M-T-W-Y
Plank w/ Arm and Leg Variations
Triangle Reach (Lunge Instep w/ Rotation)
Inchworm Handwalk
Reverse Sumo Squat w/ Back Pedal
Sumo Squat w/ Jog
Alternating Side Lunge w/ and wo/ Stretch
Reverse Lunge w/ Reach Back
Walking Lunge w/ Torso Rotation